Steven Galanis on Cameo’s Growing Marketplace and Closing the Gap Between Fame and Monetization

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Steven Galanis

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Cameo CEO and co-founder Steven Galanis came on the pod to talk about his company’s marketplace for personalized celebrity video shoutouts. We broke down Cameo’s growth in the pandemic, finding product-market fit with people who are more famous than they are rich, and tapping into the long tail. We also break down Cameo’s success with hip-hop artists and Black culture, and the future products that may come from the company.

If you’re interested in how marketplaces are built, creating flywheels, and finding product-market fit, definitely check this podcast out.

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Host: Dan Runcie, @RuncieDan, trapital.co

Guest: Steven Galanis, cameo.com, @bookcameo


How Cameo Blew Up During Quarantine – New Yorker

Why The Music Industry Should Be Tuning Into Cameo – Forbes

Hip-hop’s influence continues to grow. Learn how it impacts your business. Join the execs, CEOs, and moguls who read Trapital: trapital.co

Dan Runcie

Dan Runcie

Founder of Trapital

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