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 Trapital reaches tens of thousands of industry executives, founders, and investors. Through our influential podcastnewsletter, and social channels, you’ll get your company in front of the biggest decision makers.

We build long-term, multi-channel, customized sponsorship campaigns with proven companies that match the high quality insights we share with our audience.

This audience is worth reaching because readers and listeners are execs at top industry companies who control their budgets. Many of them are hard to reach and may ignore the more standard outlets, but Trapital’s trusted voice is a great way to reach them.

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Newsletter (Trapital's weekly memo)


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– 32,000 email subscribers

– 55% open rate

– 0.5% click-thru rate for sponsored links

80%+ of subscribers are 5 Stars: have engaged with newsletter in past 30 days


– Top 1% most shared podcast globally on Spotify (2022)

– 1 million podcast downloads

– 25k+ downloads per month

– Valuable back catalog of evergreen episodes. 46% of monthly downloads are for episodes 3+ months old

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Social video clips

– 32,000+ Twitter followers @RuncieDan

– 37,000+ LinkedIn followers Dan Runcie

Example integrations

In-person events

Private dinners with top industry leaders

Company speaking engagements and events


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