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Each week Trapital reaches tens of thousands of artists, creators, and future moguls. Through Trapital’s newsletter, podcast, and social channels, you’ll get your company in front of the biggest decision makers in music, media, and culture.

  • Top 1% most shared podcast globally on Spotify
  • 1 million podcast downloads
  • 25k+ downloads per month
  • 21k+ newsletter subscribers, 60%+ open rate, 2% click-thru rate
  • Trapital featured in NYT, WSJ, BBC, NPR, and more

“You tell the true stories. Not just the end product, but how you get to the end product. Your point of view on it is dope.” – Steve Stoute, CEO of UnitedMasters and Translation

“The stuff Trapital puts out is fantastic. Really interesting insights into the industry, artist trends, and market trends.”
– Mike Weissman, CEO of SoundCloud

Past sponsors include MoonPay, trac, Highlight, Laylo, Audiomack, Alts, Mighty Networks, MEP Capital, Koji, Tully,  Splice, Adaptr, Public.com, MoneyMade, Nerve, Day One, Foster, Pico, 1-800-NUMBER, Highlight, ConvertKit, and more.

Past podcast guests include: Rick Ross, Issa Rae, Master P, Bun B, Troy Carter, Hannibal Buress, and more.

Why this audience is worth reaching
  1. Readers and listeners are execs at top industry companies with big budgets
  2. Decision makers with influence, access, and autonomy
  3. Hard to reach people, but Trapital’s trusted voice makes it easier

Trapital audience demographics

  • 63% earn $100k+ per year
  • 34% plan to invest in next 12 months
  • 38% founders, C-Suite, or partners
  • 37% Black, 36% White, 12% Asian, 8% Latino

How you will reach the audience

Our content is promoted through Trapital’s newsletter with over 21,000 subscribers (60%+ open rate), Dan’s 27,000+ Twitter followers, 21,000 LinkedIn followers.

Your message is shared across these channels.

Sponsorship details


  • an 150-word message [+ link back to your website] is placed in the middle of the newsletter (example: trac)
  • native ads written by Dan to fit Trapital tone
  • your company logo at the top of the newsletter
  • only 1 primary sponsor per newsletter


  • 60 second host-read ad, pre-roll (example: MoonPay)
  • Host read ad by Dan
  • link to your website in show notes
  • only two ad slots per episode


Baseline package: $2,500 (one week), which includes

  • 1 newsletter ad in the newsletter (150 word copy)
  • 1 podcast audio ad in an episode (60 seconds)


  • We prefer a minimum of two weeks to cover the lift involved with creating each ad
  • Discounts available for larger ad buys and ongoing partnerships

Longer-term partnership opportunities:

  • Presenting sponsorship for the podcast (with your company logo on podcast artwork and all video clips)
  • More prominent placements in newsletter and podcast
  • Partnership announcement on all channels
  • Content series presented by your company
  • Please email us directly if interested

Partners who get the most value:

  • You want to strengthen your company’s brand by aligning with Trapital and its positioning with strategic insights that are hard to find in this space
  • Have high customer long-term value so a few conversions can justify the spend
  • You want to reach big decision-makers to strike long term deals with their artists

What we need from you to get started

  • A few bullet points with your key talking points or messages
  • A link to include in ads to direct listeners and readers to
  • At least 1 week review to draft and finalize before it goes live


Please fill out this form or email us at support@trapital.co to ask about availability.

  • What are your goals? Who do you want to reach? What would your message be? What's your time frame?