Mick Batyske on How His DJ Career Led to Brand Deals, Angel Investing, and Startup Advising

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Mick Batyske (via Shutterstock)

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The multi-hyphenate entrepreneur Mick Batyske (aka DJ MICK) came on the pod to share how he started his career as a DJ (Mick Boogie) for the Cleveland Cavaliers hosting parties for LeBron James and Jay Z. He rebranded as “Mick” to expand his reach in multiple areas, build for the long-term, and leverage his best skillsets.

His most important skill is building relationships and gathering audience insights. That mindset equates to how founders think, how marketers sell products, invests in startups, and advises companies at his newly launched The Xavier Co.

If you’re interested in how a modern creator operates in today’s landscape, this is the pod for you.

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Host: Dan Runcie, @RuncieDan, trapital.co

Guest: Mick, @mick, mick.co


  • The Mick Show podcaston The MICK Show, he offers a behind-the-scenes look at the lives + businesses of today’s most prominent creatives. With interviews from a variety of musicians, actors, athletes, and CEOs, Mick brings listeners behind the curtain to learn from some of the world’s top culture creators, movers + shakers, and risk-takers.
  • The Xavier Co – Mick’s company that runs his angel investments, strategic advising, and brand consulting.


Dan Runcie

Dan Runcie

Founder of Trapital

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