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Each week, thousands read Trapital to gain strategic insights on hip-hop. It’s the most dominant culture in our society. Business leaders in music, fashion, tech, sports, entertainment, and retail need valuable insights to make the smartest moves possible.

Trapital digs deep so you can stay informed and take action.

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Trapital’s content includes a weekly newsletter with the most important hip-hop business news, deep-dive essays that break down past and present trends, and a podcast that interviews the leaders who push the industry forward. Trapital also offers strategy services to advise clients on the best strategy to level up on hip-hop.

From the Trapital community

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“You tell the true stories. Not just the end product, but how you get to the end product.
Your point of view on it is dope.”

Steve Stoute, CEO of UnitedMasters and Translation

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“The stuff that Trapital puts out is fantastic. Really interesting insights into the industry, artists trends, and market trends.”

Mike Weissman, President, SoundCloud

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Dan Runcie

Founder of Trapital

I started Trapital because I was ready for a change.

I’m a lifelong hip-hop fan who admired the execs who ran point. Their business moves were just as strategic as other industries, but they rarely got the same level of coverage and analysis.

Trapital’s mission is to elevate the business of hip-hop for the executives leading the industry and the next generation that will take their place. We can can learn just as much from Rihanna as we can from Elon Musk.