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Here's what readers have to say

“I’m an industry insider but I can’t front. I really enjoy Trapital. Even when it goes against our marquee artists.” 

Cory Sparks

Director of Urban Promotions
Epic Records

“While the majority of the publications out there have joined the music trend and shifted their content to a ‘singles’ format, Trapital is my source for my ‘album’ content.”

Moody Jones
Head of Digital

“Hip-hop music isn’t just the soundtrack to many of our lives, it’s the force influencing modern brands, commerce and celebrity. Trapital covers this culture with the respect it deserves.”

Hunter Walk

“Trapital shows that business, particularly in hip-hop, is more of an art than science. As a professional athlete, I apply the creative thinking I read on my email newsletters with my own endorsements.”

Russell Okung
Pro Bowl Offensive Tackle
Los Angeles Chargers,  NFL

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