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Back in the day, hip-hop legend Afrika Bambaataa said that the four elements of hip-hop were rapping, DJing, break-dancing, and graffiti.

In the business of hip-hop, these elements have evolved. Each element is a subject area to learn from. We can level up on any area of business by studying hip-hop.

Below is a collection of Trapital’s best essays, podcasts, memos, and more, broken out by element.

Choose your element:

Build your fanbase

Your fans are your most valuable marketers. If you do your job well, they’ll help you grow your audience in the right ways. Here's how the best have done it.

Partner up

Hip-hop's economic power has accelerated due to the lucrative partnerships and big-time deals made by the most influential players in the game.

Venture Trapital

Hip-hop artists are on more cap tables than ever before. Their music and culture has made plenty of platforms rich. Now it's time for the artists themselves to get in on the upside.

Own your assets

Today, everybody wants to own their assets. It's one of the best ways to generate wealth, but the path comes with important tradeoffs.

Major record labels

The major record labels are home for the superstars and the artists who want to become superstars. They constantly evolve in a rapidly-changing environment.

Streams on streams on streams

Streaming has been the music industry's backbone in recent years. Some artists see it as a loss leader, while others are making bank off of it. Hip-hop artists are the ones leading the way.

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