Alex “Al D” Damashek on a New Partnership With Twitch, Move Forward Music, and the Future of Live Music

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 Al D is founder of Move Forward Music, a New York-based live events production company. His company has promoted events at S.O.B.s and other legendary venues. But like many companies this year, Move Forward was forced to pivot due to the pandemic. Al recently partnered with Twitch on a live streaming channel.

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On October 17-18 he’s hosting the Move Forward Fest on Twitch, with Just Blaze, The Alchemist, Sonny Digital, and others. The channel will also host a new series called The Board Room, where producers discuss each other’s work.

On the pod, Al broke down the tough decisions that had to be made, the business model on Twitch, what he expects from the partnership, and what the future of his company will be once the pandemic is over.

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Host: Dan Runcie, @RuncieDan, trapital.co

Guest: Alex Damashek, @mfmusic, moveforwardmusic.com


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Dan Runcie

Dan Runcie

Founder of Trapital

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