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Trapital’s mission is to elevate music, media, and culture. We do this by creating insightful content for the people taking the industry to the next level. That includes the artists becoming moguls, leaders reaching new heights, and fans inspired by the culture’s growing influence.

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Why I started Trapital

I’m Dan Runcie, and I started Trapital because I wanted to see a change. The execs I once looked up to are now some of our most successful business leaders. But they rarely got the coverage they deserved.

I’ve spent my career in business reading deep strategic breakdowns on every other industry. Honestly, I was over it.

Where were the folks who looked like me? Where were the business leaders who repped what I cared about?

I knew that if I did this well, it would help the people leading the culture forward and inspire the next generation.

Elevate hip-hop culture

I first started writing about the business of hip-hop as a hobby. My personal Medium page led to freelance writing gigs at major publications. The bylines were cool and all, but I still didn’t feel like I made an impact.

The business of hip-hop needed its own home. Trapital was launched in March 2018 and has grown ever since.

Trapital’s memos, essays, and podcasts are followed by the leading executives in music, media, tech, and more.

Trapital has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal,  BBC World NewsNPR All Things ConsideredCNBC, and many more publications.

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Dan Runcie, Founder of Trapital

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