One Year Full-Time on Trapital!

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Me at a speaking engagement last fall in Los Angeles. Somebody had jokes!

A year ago today, I wrote I’m Officially Full-Time on Trapital! I re-read the post. It brought me back to those thoughts I had in the transition. Excitement. Anticipation. Uncertainty! WTF am I getting into?! It’s part of the journey.

Trapital has expanded quite a bit since then. That weekly newsletter (that I stayed up late to write on nights and weekends) has grown into a podcast, membership program, and a community of people who value the elevation of hip-hop culture. I’m grateful for the stories you all have shared. It’s great to hear that Trapital content informs decisions that executive teams were stuck on. I’m humbled to hear that others are inspired by Trapital to find their own ways to elevate topics that get overlooked. It helps justify the dedication, moments of doubt, and all the other emotions that come with it.

Lessons learned

I’ve learned more and more about this industry, building a media company, and entrepreneurship. All of them have made Trapital stronger over time. It’s an exciting time to create content.

Often times, my own content is the best reinforcement. The sales funnel I made for Beyonce’s Streaming Strategy, Explained is a healthy reminder of how each part of Trapital supports others. Nipsey Hussle’s direct to consumer strategy is another one I look back at. And based on my website traffic, those are favorites that still make rounds today.

One of my biggest lessons learned is the focus on product vs. distribution. I know, I know, it’s an age-old faux pas! To date, the quality of my content has established authority and credibility. It has granted me access that I wouldn’t otherwise have. But the consistency and brand of Trapital carries weight too. That said, I’m still scratching the surface on Trapital’s reach. I want it to reach those who will benefit from it, and I know there are more folks out there.

How you can help

I have one easy request. It’s quick and easy!

Share Trapital with a colleague (and get rewarded!)
A number of you already tell your friends to sign up for the email newsletter, which is great. I started a referral program to show my appreciation for those who share and to encourage others to do the same:

  • Refer 3 people and get a Trapital sticker that you can put on your laptop, water bottle, or notebook.
  • Refer 10 people and get shouted out in the new Trapital Plug section of the weekly newsletter. Trapital’s second anniversary is on March 1. I hope to shout out a bunch of you by then.

Visit Trapital’s NEW referral page to share your personal link on social media with one click. You can also track your progress!

Refer the people in your network who will benefit most from this! If each person on this list refers at least one person, it will make a huge impact. I will likely modify referral tiers as we go along, but let’s start here.

Thanks again for being part of this. Stay tuned for more developments soon. Let’s make moves in 2020!


Dan Runcie

Dan Runcie

Founder of Trapital

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